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bespoke luxury

design Of premium printed Event Materials for International Sporting Event


Client: Foxcroft Events

Johnnie Walker Classic International Golf Tournament is a major sporting event in the golf circuit, held alternate years in Australia and Asia countries each year. Some of these countries include Thailand, China, and India.

The Johnnie Walker Classic is attended by some 1,000 invited VIP corporate guests & spouses from around the world, 300 media & crew. This event is usually scheduled in the early months of each new year.

Each year ADG has produced concept, design and production for the Johnnie Walker Classic event materials. These include elaborate invitations for VIP only events for 4 big budget spectacular evening functions at each tournament.

We must take into consideration cultural, political and religious sensibilities for each project and carefully adhere to the Johnnie Walker Branding criteria.

Research into each culture directs and inspires the design of the event materials.

For example, the invitation design for the Chinese Gala Dinner event were screen printed in gold with a famous Taoist philosophical text that was a favourite with Chairman Mao.

The Taoist text can be viewed either right way up or upside down, giving different meaning to the text. Careful attention was made in production to ensure that the text was printed the right way up as to not give offense.

This event was a milestone for the organisers, being the first non-party event ever to be held in the Great Hall of the People.


logo design sydney
luxury design print gold foil
  • Concept and design
  • Laser cutting
  • Die cutting
  • Specialty paper stocks
  • Letterpress, foiling and embossing
  • Screen-printing
  • Letterpress
  • Envelopes with embossed seals.
  • Invitations and menus
  • Media note pads, letterheads and event folders.
  • Signage and promotional materials to both land and airside duty free stores for the event.