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Wine Closures

Branding logo design for manufacturrer and printer of wine / food screwcaps


Client: Colcap

Branding for a manufacturer and printer of wine screw caps, an alternative to the traditional cork as a wine closure.

Pitched mainly to the wine industry but also other food business such as olive oil producers, the client required a design to appeal to an upmarket client base.

The ‘O’ device, replaces the ‘O’ in Colcap and conveys the ‘screw cap’ thread in an elegant form.

Both the full version of the logo or ‘O’ device can be used as the logo as in the cap printing used to promote the product.

The ‘O’ device can be used on its own as a decorative element.

We also produced the Colcap website, please see more...



  • Branding
  • Website design
  • Printed marketing materials
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