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Image consult

Logo design, branding and packaging for Definitive Colour System.


Client: Definitive Colour Systems

We created the logo design and manufacture of the Definitive Colour System swatch system of colour analysis.

Serving as a colour bible for image consultants and their clients, consultants from around the globe now use the Definitive Colour Systems colour coding tools.

The logo is based around the concept of primary colours intersecting and forming the colour spectrum. The circular format of the device is the perfect expression of infinity, continuity and connection, and here encompasses infinity of colour into a precisely defined system to be used as an invaluable fool-proof reference tool.

The initial project included the manufacture of the colour swatch system. ADG produced the print and packaging of colour swatch system. Digital printing was considered the best format for producing the colour swatch books with specialty die cutting and finishing. This also included presentation of the final product in a carry case.

The branding has extended to a number of other image consultant tools, products and training literature and an online ecommerce website and email marketing campaigns.


  • Logo design
  • Branding
  • Design, print and packaging
    for colour swatch system
  • Website design and development with ADG's
    e-commerce software
  • Email marketing with ADG's email marketing software
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