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Footpoint Sports Clinic

Logo design, branding , Print, website for podiartist and footwear stores.


Client:Footpoint Sports Clinic | Footpoint Shoe Clinic

Branding was developed for a new chain of Podiatry clinics - Footpoint Sports Clinic, specialising in sports injuries and Footpoint Shoe Clinic, retail stores specialising in sports footwear.

We were commissioned to design the branding for Footpoint and a gait alignment system used in the retail stores to correctly analysis the correct footwear for individuals, called trac lab.

As the Footpoint founders were keen sportsman and their focus was on sports injures, the running/athlete community and sporting products to enhance performance, the Footpoint logo was developed with the following concepts - meeting point, coming together, dynamic movement.

  • Creative Concept
  • Branding
  • Design
  • Print
  • Website
logo design sydney

Website promoting
trac lab and retail and online shoe store.

trac lab was created & developed to promote the unique gait alignment system that Footpoint has developed and was using in both clinics and stores.

ADG created the name trac lab and slogan ‘positive feet effect’ with the ‘running girl’ imagery highlighting the service procedure and results.